We consult with foreign investors on all aspects of their investment here in South Africa and can be seen as a “one-stop-shop” for foreigners who wish to buy or sell property or take finance with a banking institution. In addition, we are able to advise foreign investors in respect of the consequences of locally issued VISAs and the rules related to these VISAs as well as tax liabilities when investing in South Africa. Understanding the rules and regulations related to the Reserve Bank, The Department of Home Affairs and the South African Revenue Services is essential when a foreigner decides to make an investment here

“South African Expatriates who live and work abroad on either temporary or permanent residency VISAs issued by the foreign country may require guidance and advice in respect of their taxes due in South Africa. Many expats happily depart without considering their tax residency and often are caught in the ring of the local SARS despite paying income tax abroad. This is in particular VERY IMPORTANT for offshore contract workers who have until now, avoided income tax liability in South Africa by virtue of the days outside of the borders of South Africa. This is now under review by SARS and offshore contractors are a target. Let us advise you correctly in this regard.”


  • Reserve bank exchange control advice
  • Requirements for repatriation of funds from South Africa
  • Expatriate Tax Affairs
  • Capital Gains Tax and the foreign investor
  • Foreign Investors and registering a local mortgage bond
  • Residency VISAs and requirements to extend holiday VISAs
  • Tax Residence and ensuring compliance with international tax treaties

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