Covid 19 has undoubtedly changed the way in which organisations operate. Although much strides have been made by business owners to arrange that staff and employees, where possible, operate remotely or from their homes, inevitably the workforce will eventually start moving back into the office spaces. Many organisations prepared their Covid 19 Workplace protocols during the course of May and June 2020 and others have not yet prepared proper complaint protocols. We offer a full range of Compliance Services to all types of organisation including: drafting and preparing the legislatively required Workplace Policy, supply a full set of practical guidelines in order to deal swiftly with incidences, supply the necessary indemnity guidance, draft and prepare the Risk Assessment forms and procedures as well as train the workforce (remotely or safely at the office space) regarding the workplace rules. In addition, we act as remote Covid 19 Compliance Officers for many organisations – a function which often requires experience and availability and which our clients support as an outsourced function due to it being more effective in managing the reduction of risk. Employees feel safer and therefore more confident in an environment where it is apparent that the employers take the Covid 19 risk seriously so continuously updating and reviewing process, reactions and procedures is not negotiable for continuous production.


  • Workplace Policies
  • Occupational Health and Safety Workplace exposure guidelines
  • Staff and employee training
  • Outsourcing the function of the Compliance Officer

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