The Covid era has brought about many new opportunities in all spheres of business, including the legal profession. We recognised the opportunities and have decided to venture into a consultancy aimed specifically at the bespoke service and quality of advice given.

Melanie is an attorney notary and conveyancer with 20 years’ practical experience. In addition to registering property transfers and bonds, as is usual for being a conveyancer, she also always kept upskilling academically and is knowns in the industry as a specialist property attorney. Melanie is able to structure the most complicated commercial deals, give advice regarding property taxes generally, expertly advise foreign investors and South African expatriates with regards to their VISAs and all other consequences which ensue. In the last 3 years of practice before establishing her consultancy, Melanie dove into the Legal Compliance area and realised that not only does she have a natural affinity for compliance related regulations but is also able to interpret often difficult compliance provisions in practical terms.

Melanie was the FICAA Compliance Officer for the previous large corporate at which she practiced and developed, implemented and enforced the organisation’s entire FICA, TFS, AML and risk assessment protocols with success and in personal consultation with the Financial Intelligence Centre. FICAA Compliance is therefore one of the main consultancy services which is offered and includes an entire GAP analysis of clients’ current processes and a review of the changes which are required. Accountable Institutions should consider a review of their FICAA RMCP and assessment processes to avoid a situation where the Financial Intelligence Centre arrives unexpectedly for an inspection without your organisation being prepared. Compliance with the FICA rules is now a major focus in South Africa and the penalties could be unnecessarily hefty. Contact – for more information or for a complimentary consultation.

Melanie was also the Covid 19 Compliance Officer for the same corporate and drafted, implemented and enforced the legislatively required Covid 19 Workplace compliance protocols. Melanie acts as subcontracted Compliance Officer for some of her corporate clients now and it has benefited the employers to be able to rely on an experienced professional when the employee enquiries start coming in and when the workplace is exposed to possible Covid 19 Risks. Contact – for more information or for a complimentary consultation.

Privacy Compliance is another area of Melanie’s expertise and she is able to work with organisations in the development of their own Privacy Policies in order to ensure compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 as well as the provisions contained in the GDPR (European Union regulations) should the organisation trade cross border. Compliance with the South African legislation is a legal requirement and must be implemented within organisations’ internal structures by no later than the end of June 2021. Be sure to engage with a Privacy Law specialist when starting the process of reviewing your organisation’s Privacy Policies. Contact – for more information or for a complimentary consultation.

Generally, Melanie also still takes on bespoke conveyancing matters where a particular set of drafting and negotiation skills are required or where, in particular, a foreigner is buying or selling a property. Foreign investors need advice regarding all aspects of their investments here in South Africa as they often make decisions without considering the consequences and find themselves in trouble at a later stage. This is especially true with regards to the Exchange Control Regulations which apply in South Africa and it is not as easy to repatriate funds cross border as it is to introduce the funds into South Africa. Having widely dealt with irate foreign clients over the last 20 years, Melanie is equipped with the specialised skills to advise on all aspects related to investment – funding, reserve bank exchange control rules, VISAs and benefits of temporary and permanent residencies, tax-related issues and how tax bases are established with reference to the place one earns income. Property practitioners, mortgage originators, South African expatriates and foreign investors should take advice when property deals are being negotiated to ensure that expectations are managed and that the best solutions are presented in the transaction to ensure a swift and professional registration. Contact – for more information or for a complimentary consultation.

A wide variety of services are therefore offered by Melanie who takes on selects clients and works WITH your organisation FOR you. Having a dedicated experienced professional on call makes the world of difference in the areas of law which may not always be as apparent as one would imagine in one’s business.

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